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The Mousetrap

Sunday February 18, 2018 / 2:00pm
Cady Building (Beaverton, OR)
1 ticketGeneral Admission (Limited Seating)
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I used to think that "The Mousetrap' was one of those play that no Community Theater company could screw up. That was until I saw the absurd way The Experience Theater company staged it. Someone had the "bright idea' to incorporate the audience into the set. So, extra lumpy antique settees and uncomfortable chairs were placed around the "set". This meant that no matter where you were seated, you were guaranteed an uncomfortable seat where you had no clear view of the actors. With already limited sight lines, the audience was required to wear Masks - which further reduced visability. With this asinine staging, the cast was forced into a series of totally unnecessary movements. In fairness to the Cast, they were good... the "Director" was not. When you consider that this company charges outrageously high ticket prices -- some of the Highest ticket prices for any Community Theater in the State, it made for one of the most unpleasant performances I have ever attended.
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