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Buddy -- The Buddy Holly Story

Sunday May 6, 2018 / 2:30pm
Stage 773 (Chicago, IL)
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My wife mentioned this show, but I figure we'd seen the movie, not to mention lived the era, so I thought we'd take a pass. But then a friend of hers said it was terrific & that she was going to see it again, & there was a very good review in the paper, so I decided to take a chance through Goldstar. It turned out to be so good that I would have been happy to have paid full price. Zachary Stevenson flat owns Buddy Holly. He has the voice & intonations of Holly, but with moves that if Holly didn't have, he should have. This is Buddy Holly as an Elvis/Chuck Berry performer. There's not much on YouTube to show how Holly performed outside the restraints of national television, but I'll bet that it's actually the way he performed. The result is just terrific rock & roll. The supporting cast is great, the guy who does Richie Valens (La Bomba) is wonderful (and made me wonder whether Valens would have imported more Latin influence into rock music had he lived). The guy who does the Big Bopper has quite an act - very 60s - to go along with his singing. But you are there for Buddy, & Stevenson delivers. My wife & I try to resist the cult of the standing ovation. These days, standing o's seem to be given for any reasonably well done performance. Normally, we applaud, but stay seated. For this show, we were on our feet. In short, don't miss it.
Extra Tips
After the show, Stevenson greets the audience outside, by the merch table. I bought one of the cds, which contains a few songs from this show, and some from other shows he's done. Nothing you haven't heard before, but for 15 bucks buy one, if only to encourage the him.
Extra Tips
There's a basic bar. If you want a Manhattan or a martini, bring your own vermouth.