Heather Mowry’s Event Journal

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Saturday April 18, 2009 / 8:30pm
Pirate's Dinner Adventure
2 tickets
Assigned at Box Office - Adult

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- If you get there 90 minutes ahead of time, you get the choice of a lot of appetizers. You stand in lines to get them, but they're all decent (I really liked the crab salad and toast). And if you get there that early, you'll need them to tide you over a bit. They were kind of hidden all over the lobby area, so it seemed like a treasure hunt to find them. - There was a little pre-show on the stage in the lobby. Audience participation. You get to meet all the characters. And they lead you all in by pre-assigned color-coded groups. - The seating inside the auditorium is cramped - elbow-to-elbow... but we are supposed to be "captives" after all. The food is all right (not fantastic), but you're so involved with Yaying and Booing that you don't have time to focus on the food. - The show itself was a little more cheesy-community-theater-esque (but better) than it was an "action" show. The action (grappeling, some sword play, quite a bit of acrobatics) that was present was very well-rehearsed, very step-by-step (it had to match with the pre-recorded sound effects) but it was still very enjoyable. And the "pirates" were haaawt! That helps keep the interest alive. :) - Parents beware: they bring the kids up and make them part of the show quite a bit, which is great. They also take tons of photos of them during their participation. And they also make those photos available at the end of the show for a mere $20 each, and you wouldn't wanna be a bad parent and not buy them, right? They're a clever lot, those pirates. hehe - All in all, it was a very fun evening. Even if you're an adult, just let yourself roar with the crowd and have fun. Don't knit-pick at the silly (cheesy) things. I recommend.