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Thursday June 18, 2009 / 8:30pm
Cirque Berzerk
2 tickets
Green Section

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Cirque Berzerk was great. I highly recommend as one of the great things to do in LA - cooler than Hollywood, cooler than Melrose, cooler than Silverlake, even. I've been to many of the Cirque du Soleil shows and I hate when people compare other shows to those, but if it's all you know, then what can you do? So I'll try not to compare to Cirque du Soleil, because these are very different shows with different ideas and backgrounds. Berzerk in a park in the middle of downtown LA is awesome. Now just picture it, you're walking along the side of the road, with the Downtown skyline behind you and a giant tent in front of you. There's a word for this, but I can't think of it right now. Before the show they recommend a picnic in the park (I'd get there an hour or so before the show to enjoy the pre-party). LA traffic sucks, so it's hard to get there early. But if you can, I recommend it. Berzerk also sells food so bring cash to enjoy sweet potatoes, mexican burritos, popcorn and the like. We brought wine, but left it in the car as we were running late. Then to our surprise, there was a "21+" area with adult beverages, antique pinball machines, live music, clowns, adult boutiques and an ATM machine in the hay. You bet we made time for that. (Bring your ID - they have tight security in this area). For me, the atmosphere at any event is very important, and this pre-show environment was cool. They also had some of the characters running around, a few different interesting photo opportunities and some flame-spewing machine that would go off every so often to remind you it was there. Crowd? Attendees? Most took the advice to go with some fun apparel - lots of corsettes (I partook in that and felt right at home). Lots of ladies in heels were doing the wobble-dance as their heels sank into the dirt and hay. Mine did, but I didn't care. There were hippies, hipsters, grunge-types, fashionistas, preppies - all sorts came to the show as it appeals all sorts of people. I liked the mixed crowd; no one looked out of place. The show itself: I thought the first half was not as great as the second - a little slow to get going, but they were building the atmosphere, so I understood the motive. I just thought it could have happened faster & included another act instead of a slow intro. The first half got like a 6/10 and the second half got like a 8/10, in my opinion. There are about a dozen different acts throughout the whole show; each had really great parts, so overall this is my rating. But, knowing this, I'd still go again just for the atmosphere and the chance to see a new take on "circus" - no elephants or peanuts, here guys. Just the nuts. Oh, there was an after-party that looked like a continuation of the pre-party in the adult area. I would have gone, but had work in the morning. I highly highly recommend the show to anyone, no matter how much you like dance or shows or whatnot. It's eye-opening.

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