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Cirqueberzerk 061009 v1
Friday June 19, 2009 / 7:00pm
Cirque Berzerk
3 tickets
Green Section

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I have to say, this was a BIG let down. I am just glad that I did not pay for the $80 seats but we weren't that far off at $60. =( (we got to sit anywhere we wanted when they barely filled a quarter of the tent @ the 7pm show) Saw the website from a friend, looked very cool and very intriguing. Bought tickets right away. With all the hype on the website, how could anyone not think that it was going to be anything better than great?! To be frank about it, to me it felt like all the 2nd rate rejects from Circus de Soleil found their way here. Get enough of them, put together a really bad "storyline" and you have a bunch of sub-par acts that have no "wow" factor. (Well, the only one that came close were the four guys and the trampoline but that one got old after 7 mins.) I actually feel asleep for a good 5 mins as I went into a trance state from all the bad "singing" on stage. It was really screaming followed by a lot of pounding of strange metals. If you are running late, no worries. The first 20 mins is just worthless. Woman in red who runs around looking for a way out of her miserable life, falls into a hole and then begins all the bad acts. Towards the end, the a gang of masked dancers give it a go on stage for 10 mins or so. Again, done very bad. Had so much potential. Dancers aren't even unison the whole dance and they never really do anything worthy. The coolest thing at this event are the fire sign at the entrance and an even larger fire shooter towards the portal pottys. I really wish that the show blew my mind away but it did just the exact opposite. Seemed like half the people loved it but I can tell you that either they were drunk or they have never seen a person do a flip.