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The Bronx Zoo

Friday July 10, 2009 / All Day (10:00am to 5:00pm)
Bronx Zoo - Bronx, NY
2 ticketsTotal Experience Ticket - Adult
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This experience was disappointing. We went excited to see the special gorilla exhibit that you pay extra for and it was CLOSED! No one thought to mention this at any time other than when you go to the area and find all the other visitors with sourpuss faces on. A few other exhibits were closed as well....leaving the ones that were open over crowded. If you do not have a child or do not like children I suggest going earlier in the season on a weekday before all the kids are at camp. There was a whole slew of brats that totally ruined more than one exhibit for me. The bronx zoo really needs to get their act together if they want to try and create a fun experience for everyone. If you sill want to go, make sure to bring your own snacks and water or face the crappy food at top shelf prices.