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Significant Other

Wednesday May 1, 2019 / 8:00pm (Preview)
San Francisco Playhouse - San Francisco, CA
2 ticketsComplimentary Orchestra
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The two of us very much enjoyed this play and recommend it highly for the wonderful quality of its writing, directing and acting. We remained constantly engaged by a narrative that is quick paced and moves smoothly in spite of the large number of scenes. The cleverly gliding set elements and chandeliers made it possible for the stage to transform quickly and frequently, taking us to new settings almost as quickly as film cuts. We enjoyed how well the text of the play balances the roles, with all characters coming off as well fleshed-out and important. The cast is very strong and even. We could easily empathize and relate to each character's arc. The body language of the lead male actor was very impressive, for example for his ability to transport us into scenes from his memory or imagination that are not acted out on stage. The main character that he brings to life is deeply feeling -- of joy, hurt or longing -- a person so communicative and emotional that it can be a little overwhelming, yet mostly endearing. But it's a fitting character choice to visit a conundrum that we all experience at some point in life: Being single when everyone else is paired up. Overall we laughed a lot, were moved often and we'd gladly see this play again!
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