Harvey Fertig’s Event Journal

Zephyr 033113
Tuesday August 11, 2009 / Various Times
Zephyr Statue of Liberty Express Tour
3 tickets
2:00pm - General Admittance - Adult

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This was, without a doubt, the worst tour I have ever been on. The fault was not directly the tour operator's, but rather the fact that on board the boat were perhaps 60-70 Korean tourists, both adults and children, who had not the least interest in the tour, but rather spent the ENTIRE time taking pictures of each other, always standing on the rim of the boat so that anyone sitting was unable to see what was on either side of the boat in terms of sights. Fortunately the Statue of Liberty was a bit taller than they were. In addition to blocking the views from the top of the boat, they were jabbering away at the top of their voices as if they were the only ones on the boat. My wife and I, together with my granddaughter, whom we had intended to take on a pleasant ride around NY, were finally forced to go down to the main deck, where we thought we would be able to at least see some of the sights, and hear the tour guide give his description of the sights we were seeing. No luck there, because on the main floor were about twenty Korean school-age children who were more interested in talking to themselves and playing their radios, drowning out the tour guide's voice. It got to a point where we just ignored what was happening, relaxed in the seats, and stared ahead. (We couldn't see on the sides because of the picture takers). I was going to request that the tour guide ask the picture takers to sit down and quiet down, but I didn't want to embarrass ourselves with a confrontation, nor did I think it would make any difference because he thought he was being rather funny and cute with his commentary and just ignored what was happening. I realize that some might view this review as a somewhat unkind view of another culture, but these people were about the rudest group of tourists that I have ever encountered. Even my granddaughter was upset because of their rudeness. Perhaps this is a common occurance on these tours, but my wife and I have gone on boat tours in many locales and have never encountered such an experience.

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If you see a large group of Asian tourists with cameras, get off the boat immediately