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Vampyr Inn's Bloody Ball

Saturday October 31, 2009 / 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Vampyr Inn (West Hollywood, CA)
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This is the kind of experience that gives Goldstar a bad name. Finding the place wasn't easy with the entrance not in sequence with numbers on either side. There was no "Vampyr Inn" sign anywhere to be seen making us think the place didn't even exist and we'd been totally scammed. Almost wish we had been as once found and entered, it was such a lousy, cheap, waste of money, I was wondering how much extra they'd charge us to get out of there. The blackened walk-through hallways littered with bodies and booer's, banging on walls and braying in our faces was something a middle school student may have put together. I was embarrassed to have taken a friend there and didn't allow her to reimburse me for the ticket price afterwards. Sullied the whole West Hollywood experience. What a rip!
Extra Tips
Lots of waiting for food and drinks in sitdown places great food
Extra Tips
Vampyr Inn almost ruined our West Hollywood Halloween trip.
Extra Tips
Wear good shoes and walk unless you arrive early.