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Wednesday February 12, 2020 / 7:30pm
The Phoenix Theatre Company - Mainstage Theatre - Phoenix, AZ
2 ticketsTier 2 - Comp Train
Purchase ID 13388303

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The songs I paved it and the song where Tony sang right before intermission was so powerful. The company picnic was too long. My husband fell asleep during it. Any way to shorten it? Did not need humor of gay guy. This serious play does not need to play for laughs. No depth to best friend with drug problems. Develop him more. Tie in his mom closer to Tony ie second mom. Drugs are a major problem, keep this in. Very good dance choreography. Big guy doesn't need to be in robe and disrobe for laughs. His charachter was fine without that. Did this scene realy need to be in the locker rm with a mom coming in? Really?