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Sunday November 1, 2009 / 7:00pm-1:00am
Knott's Scary Farm
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This was my first time to Knott's Scary Farm Haunt. I love being scared (as long as it's in a safe, controlled environment!) There were 13 Haunt attractions, and I went to all of them except Pyromaniax (log ride) because it was cold and the ride is intended to get you wet. Here are my faves in order: 1. Dia De Los Muertos - I went to this one twice. I had never been in a 3-D maze and it's incredible. Really beautifully done. The words and images seemed to be lifted off the walls and floors. Really beautiful. I think it's bunk, though, that you have to pay $1 for the 3-D glasses (they should be included in the price), but honestly, you need the 3-D glasses to get the full effect. Luckily, there are 2 oher 3-D mazes that you can use your glasses at. 2. Slaughterhouse - this maze really scared me. I think the room with the hanging human skin and the man crying out for them to stop torturing him makes it chilling. This maze - all about cannibalism - really chilled me. Loved it! 3. Labyrinth - based on Pan's Labyrinth. Some of the "monters" were really beautiful - human creatures with animal heads, and a woman with lights in her hair swinging on a swing set. The chilling monster with eyes in hands (instead of in his face) was also there. 4. Lockdown - the Asylum - You're surrounded by insane, bloodied patients. I liked how the actors really worked hard to deliver the fright. 5. Terror of London - Felt like you had stepped back into time. The actors played their parts well and were sufficiently creepy. 6. Club Blood - A dance club for vamps where humans are being drained of their blood. It was entertaining and the actors really got into character. 7. Doll Factory - A mad doll factory. I learned two things about myself last night - dolls and clowns don't scare me. It wasn't scary but the maze was really put together well. 8. Uncle Bobo's Bigtop of the Bizarre in 3-D - Again, clowns don't scare me and I didn't find it that frightening. The best part was this bridge in a tunnel where the walls are revolving so you feel like you're off balance. I went through this maze twice just for that. The 3-D effects were OK...not as good as dia de los muertos. 9. Quartantine - I never saw the movie, but based on the trailer it looked like an identical reproduction of the movie. I will say, however, the maze didn't make me want to see the movie. 10. Alien Annihilation in 3-D - I give it points for being in 3-D, but the effects weren't as good as Dia de Los Muertos. It was utterly confusing, and smoky, and with the glasses at one point, I couldn't see. I came out of it thinking, "wth was that?" It felt like the barroom scene of Star Wars while on acid, but not as pleasurable as you may think that would be. 11. Cornstalkers - it smelled like a zoo. I'm not sure where they got their "corn" from. I liked the sounds of the crows they played overhead. It could've been really creepy, but ended up being really lame. 12. Black Widow's Cavern (at the mine ride). This is a ride. You go through the mine and see large spiders. Wasn't scary. At all. In fact, super lame. I want my 5 minutes back. I went on Nov. 1, the last day of the Haunt, and obviously the day after Halloween. I don't think I got the full scare effect, because a lot of the "monsters" were obviously so over the whole thing. Some examples: In the Doll Factory maze, one of the monsters had a "tip" jar taped to her butt. In the Labyrinth maze, several of the "monsters", especially a young lady huddled in the corner, informed us that they were cold. The maze is open on top and clearly their costumes weren't keeping them warm enough. In Alien Annihilation and in Dia de Los Muertos, some of the "monsters" were busy chit chatting with each other. In the Slaughterhouse maze, we walked into a group photo the "monsters" were taking of themselves with security. In "Cornstalkers" most of the "monsters" were..uhm, no where to be found. The last 1/3 of the maze we didn't see ONE "monster." I thought Ghost Town was a nice touch. Basically as you walk through the park there are "monsters" popping out to scare you. I got a few screams in from it. One of my main complaints is that the map they give you for the Haunt isn't really good. It's hard to find the mazes and sometimes we ended up walking in circles wondering where we were. Also, some of the mazes when you're in them aren't clearly marked with the path. It's so easy to go off path, and we saw people doing it and having to be redirected by a "monster" that they were going the wrong way. All in all, good fun! I would recommend doing it at least once. Maybe not the day after Halloween since many of the monsters aren't giving it their all. The monsters who were giving it their all were very effective and truly made the experience worthwhile. One nice thing though about going the day after Halloween, no long lines!

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Definitely wear comfortable shoes - lots of walking!
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I wish some of the monsters weren't busy chitchatting with one another