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Trapped In Purgatory

Friday October 30, 2009 / 6:00pm-10:00pm
Green Side Up Nursery - Staten Island, NY
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Definitely happy I attended this event. It took a while for me to commute from Brooklyn, but despite that it was worth everything. I took my girlfriend who was nervous from the front gate (before the corn maze). When we enter the maze, the scare begins. No matter what you expect, you will still be surprised. We were surrounded at times and were scared from all angles which makes the experience even more fun. The highlight of the corn maze was the end, men with chainsaws=running women, lol...My gf ran for her life to get away. I never saw her run that fast in my four years of knowing her, lol. If it was longer, it would've been even better. Then we waited a while to get to the haunted house, but it was good time to get the heart rate down. The haunted house had a nice vibe to it, with different themed areas that didn't disappoint. Of course as with the maze, if it were a little longer that would be even better. The only negative I have is the long lines, and this can be seen as a positive because of it being a good attraction. If you can go, then go!
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No bathrooms around besides a porto-potty