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The Fantastic Los Angeles Race

Saturday January 2, 2010 / 11:00am
Hollywood Bowl - Parking Lot D, Picnic Area 10 - Hollywood, CA
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The Amazing LA Race is a really fun way to spend a day outdoors, doing some sightseeing, solving some (quite hard) puzzles, seeing places you haven't been before (including riding the LA Metro) and getting some exercise. It's very well organized, and you can develop some friendly rivalries with other teams. Unlike the TV show, you don't get eliminated...but you end up in a good location having some beers and exchanging stories. Highly recommended, for Angelenos and tourists. Buy tickets through Goldstar Events for a discount, or visit the website (
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Suggest layers; you get hot fast from all the activity, then cool down in other spots.
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You need to be reasonably fit - there's a lot of walking