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Boom 121609
Wednesday January 13, 2010 / 7:00pm
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First I must say I always try to see Rachael VanWormer, she is a true young up-and-comer on the local stage and never fails to give an amazing performance. Likewise, Sylvia M'Lafi Thompson is an amazing treat (if you saw her in Cygnet's FENCES production you know what I mean). Steven Lone is new to me, but he was fantastic as the awkward marine biologist in this production and I’ll be looking for him on local stages in the future. As for the play itself, the images are still reverberating well after the show ends. Profound ideas, such as the amazing randomness of mutation producing sentient life after billions of years, and the notion of being the last forms of a species able to extend their genetic line in an otherwise completely dead world, are explored in a humorous, playful way. The play was mesmerizing to me, but I believe any audience member wanting to enjoy the experience must first have an open mind to Darwinian evolutionary theory as well as a love of poetry and an understanding that "The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men, Gang aft agley"... Okay, this review has gone as well as might be expected in dealing with such imagery and thought provocation I experienced during and well after "boom." It’s useless to give a plot description – there are holes galore in the storyline, questions left unanswered and answers left unquestioned. To me that was part of the play’s charm, it kept me thinking well after the night was over. This play may not be for everyone, but if you like to think and you don't mind challenging your small world view to contemplate the vastness of life, its formation, its destruction and its potential rebirth in the largest, most glorious and cosmic sense, then this hilarious yet strangely weighty show is for you!

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I could SCREAM when people unwrap their candy and crinkle in the theatre. STOP IT ALREADY!
Yes there are often swear words in modern theatre. GET OVER IT.