S. Craig’s Event Journal

Shen wei
Sunday April 18, 2010 / 2:00pm
Shen Wei Dance Arts
5 tickets
Tier 1 Front

How was your experience?

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SO MUCH EFFORT FOR SO LITTLE GLORY! I have been a dancer all my life, and my fiance is a former soloist for a National Ballet Company. WE WALKED OUT! After being mesmerized by the opening Olympics at Beijing, I was delighted to get tickets for my two teenaged daughters, and 87 year old father, myself and my fiance. Looking at the set on stage before the first act, and then startled that it was "carpet" made of a granular material was something that gave me a brief, optimistic outlook that we were in for a treat. That feeling soon faded. Maybe modern dance just isn't for me. Obviously, some of the dancing this afternoon required enormous talent. For the most part however, that talent is wasted on repititious, unattractive movement, bordering on downright silly. Modern Dance audiences seldom seem like they're having fun. It's almost as though they're too embarrassed to admit what an absurd display they are being pummelled with. Case in point, was this afternoon's second act, that we almost finished watching. It was like a bad "Three Stooges" routine. It was everything I could do to keep from bursting out laughing at the goofy spectacle before us. Had I given in to the temptation that was stirring within me to retaliate for wasting over a hundred dollars on such drivel, I would have shouted (and if you were there, you know when and what I mean,) "TIMBER!!!!!" As evidenced by the fact that another reviewer pointed out that the second act was the best. (OMG!!!) I'm glad that we cut our losses and walked out when we did. All in all, a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT. Sorry, from Fosse to Balanchine, I believe I have the capacity to appreciate and enjoy great dance. Including this performance, Modern Dance for the most part has left me bored, outraged and disappointed with its self indulgent and overimpressed with itself performances. True-these pieces stretched the boundaries. I just with that they would have done so in an entertaining way. P.S. Did anyone else notice that this "noted" Chinese choreographer didn't have ANY Chinese principal dancers. Hmmmmm! 2 Billion Chinese people can't be wrong!

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