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The Fantastic Los Angeles Race

Sunday July 11, 2010 / 11:00am
Hollywood Bowl - Parking Lot D, Picnic Area 10 (Hollywood, CA)
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We took two 13-yr-old boys and had a fun time running around. It was harder than we expected, and we'd read the reviews here and the helpful hints. GOOD THINGS TO KNOW: 1. It's hot. Bring water. (And remember to drink it.) 2. Be prepared to be out there 2-4 hours. Bring snacks. 3. You'll be doing a lot of running around. Wear super-comfortable shoes. 4. You'll be outside. Wear sunscreen, sunglasses & a hat. 5. It's more fun with more people. If you have a lot of people, you can break up into two or more groups. 6. The after-party & awards celebration is fun, a must-not-miss. 7. The organizers work very hard to make sure that people are having fun. If you don't "get" the clues and need help, CALL & ask for a hand.