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Scott capurro 9202
Saturday July 3, 2010 / 10:00pm
Comedian Scott Capurro
2 tickets
General Admission Special (Limit 2)

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My partner and I chose this show because the comic was gay, so we thought it would be a refreshing change from the standard heterosexual male comic fare. Well it certainly was a change...and it made us miss the straight guys. Capurro's act is almost exclusively gay, but not merely content to beat that over the audience's head like a sledge-hammer, he also has to throw in endless riffs on pedophilia, scatology, and any number of other distasteful practices - all of which would be funny for a joke or two or maybe three, but then... "move on, mister." (HINT: when the audience stops laughing, change topic). He seemed much more interested in inducing nausea than making people laugh. In the LONG set (90 minutes), he probably had 20+ minutes worth of good-to-terrific material. If he had stuck to those bits, and skipped the endless forays into his tasteless sexual proclivities, it would have been a great act, as it was, I felt like watching a bully tease the scrawny kid on the playground - I wanted to step in and protect the audience from this guy after awhile. Fortunately, I was able to text back and forth with a friend under the table for the last 15 minutes of the show, which was much more entertaining than the show itself. And as for the service at the Punchline - yes, it sucks: it always has, always will. So order a bottle of wine - it covers the 2-drink minimum for 2 people and you don't have to deal with the servers anymore.