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SF Weekly Dish – Food and Wine Event

Thursday September 30, 2010 / 6:30pm - 9:30pm
City View at Metreon - San Francisco, CA
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I give this event a low rating because of the hour wait in line. This was horribly unorganized and tainted the remainder of the evening. There should have been staff guiding people where to go when they came upstairs. Because the Metreon has both elevators and escalators, the people arriving up the escalator completely bypassed the line and walked right into the event without checking in, it wasn't until 45 minutes had passed that someone was actually regulating that area and checking in VIP ticket holders. It was chaotic and frustrating. The other downside to this process was that there was one person checking people in that had purchased Goldstar tickets, this caused everything to back up as well. There were about 3 people checking in people that bought tickets through Eventbrite and then we all had to wait in a separate line to have IDs checked and to get a glass and a plate. By the time we entered the event there was yet another line being formed for the first few food stations. It wasn't until we got through the first few stations that things seemed to flow effortlessly. Fortunately, there was more than enough food to go around so it sounds like from past reviews they were more prepared this year. However, the check in process and waiting in line could have been facilitated and would have made a world of difference. That experience alone has turned me off from having an interest to attend future events.
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Be comfortable. You'll be standing and eating so comfort is key.
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This area is congested as it is. Best to take public transit.
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Definitely best to start towards the back of the room.
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Lines are always chaos at this place.