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SF Weekly Dish – Food and Wine Event

Thursday September 30, 2010 / 6:30pm - 9:30pm
City View at Metreon - San Francisco, CA
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What I wanna know is who organized this event?! It was a complete disaster! No direction of what line to be in at the entrance. I was there early and still ended up waiting like cattle and being pushed around. Food was blah and wine pours were literally a sip. There was no place to enjoy the food (unless you don't mind being outside on the cold & smokey balcony), and no time to actually take in the name of the restaurant or the dish they were serving because you were literally pushed out of the way. About half the restaurants that were there offered soup that was mediocre and only a couple of restaurants had yummy food. All restaurants were done and out of food by 8ish. What is that? False advertising. They should state that this event only serves food til 8. All you can eat and drink? I think, NOT. How can it be that last years ratings were SO high compared to this year? I don't see myself attending again.
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No food after 8pm.
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It's not the venue, it's the disorganization of the event.