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RE: Goldstar- I use it for almost all of our entertainment purchases and are pleased with the service. I do wonder why we always wind up in the back rows of whatever section we pay for. Last night we were in N of A-P (front orchestra). Still, we had a great view, but how do we get a closer seat? Re: Plummer Theater FCLO- We enjoy the nearness, ease of parking, small but big theater. Re: Jane Eyre- I have comments about many aspects of Jane Eyre. First of all, it is one of my favorite classic novels so I was very excited to read FCLO had this new show on its schedule. I waited anxiously for GS to make it available and jumped on the tickets immediately. This review is from my point of view, and my husbands, who wasn't very familiar with the story. I read the first 3 reviews before going but didn't mention them to my husband, not wanting to sway his opinion. I had high hopes but was left disappointed. Scenery was wonderful. Costumes were wonderful. Acting was varied, depending on the character. I had seen "Rochester" in Jeckyl/Hyde and he was fabulous! This wasn't up to FCLO standards. Music left me disappointed. Many of the ensemble songs were hard to understand (not "hear") Fast and unfamiliar lyrics. I found a few of the numbers had a familiar hint of Les Miserables (my all time favorite). The orchestra scores were nice themselves, but oftimes I found the singing very random and changing tunes too frequently. There was no base theme score that I could detect, or a tune I could say I could remember right after I heard it...the melodies changed too quickly. Nothing I walked out humming. There were a few golden choice numbers which I appreciated. I found the familiar sad, lonely, heartfelt story changed by attempting humor too much. That created a different story. Jane Eyre has no humor. As mentioned earlier, it would help to be familiar with the story ahead of time. It was confusing as it left out so many important parts and filled in with more showey/emsemble stuff. For the most part, this is a story of 2 people with a few other characters here and there. I do think the show improved greatly after intermission. I felt bad that at the end of the show nobody stood and applauded. The cast tried hard and did a good job. I appreciate their efforts. The disappointment in the show goes back to before it was cast. We have seen shows that weren't "great" but still appreciated it in its context. Comparing a show done by high school vs. a major theater. If the story is good, you can still enjoy it and follow it and appreciate the inexperience of the actors. How do you rate a show with experienced actors, but a script/musical score that falls short? I still think this idea has potential, but in my mind this is a rough draft which needs work to make it fabulous. If you don't really care about the original story you may not be as disappointed. I am still glad I went, with GS.

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