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Star trek convention 081213
Saturday March 12, 2011 / All Day: Start Time TBA on or after Feb. 25
The Official Star Trek Convention
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OK, so you really have to be a fan(espcially at this juncture) to spend $$ in this bad economy on stuff like this. The promoters(Creation Enetertainment) have been around forever and were in charge of the very first conventions back in the 70's.... Please do not kid yourselves, it is ALL ABOUT $$$$. The actors and actresses are all wonderful folks but the sad truth to fans is that the original series has been off the air for over 40 years, and even the more recent series and movies died out many years back; Yes, there is a new movie series but to be asking these particular folks about details of episodes from the 60's or 70's.. or other one time theatrical shoots that have lived forever in syndication is reminiscent of the infamous Shatner episode "Get a Life" on SNL-- We all need to grow up and get a life at this point.. Creation(and this comment has nothing to do with the good folks at Goldstar), should you have had the misfortune to order extras like autographs, photo ops etc...actually now charges a hefty service charge with their damn electronic tickets; It is outrageous---but trust me, they DO NOT CARE..they want the money and are not ashamed to get it ...and like most things outrageous(sports players salaries, actors salaries) long as we are dumb enough to pay will go on forever; Anyway...all that non-withstanding, Leonard and Nichelle are two of the real nice folks associated with Trek- Nichelle is still gorgeous while nearly 80(I would marry her in a HB)..Leonard was always one of the truly passionate, cerebral Trek personalities vs the ego maniac, somewhat vacuous Shatner.. Is this event a rip-off- with everything, it is a matter of perspective and that, unfortuanately is a yes and no! I commend Goldstar for having offered this-- I would have never paid full price - havng been to many of these and full well knowing what to expect.