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The Fix-Up Show

Wednesday February 2, 2011 / 8:00pm (Margaret Cho)
ACME Hollywood (Hollywood, CA)
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Here's how I would summarize the show: a single person looking for love gets set up on a date by a three person panel (made up of the "singleton's" two good friends and one celebrity guest). After meeting the audience and chatting with the host, the singleton retires offstage as one by one, three potential "dates" are brought in and politely interrogated by the panel and the host (also getting to do some information "fishing" of their own). All this ultimately culminates with the panel's selection and a date to follow (the previous week's date results shown as part of a video montage at the opening of the show). Bottom line: real, honest, and very fun. The show's host is hysterical with a lightning-fast wit and spit-take timing. Go see it - it's a great night out (would make a fun date...maybe not a "first date"). And where else are you going to see a great celebrity guest (like last night's Margaret Cho) for under $10?!? Nowhere. Go.