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Saturday April 30, 2011 / 4:05pm (vs. Toronto Blue Jays)
New York Yankees: Audi Yankees Club Seating
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Audi Club Seating

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Oh my goodness! I am soooo glad that I went to this event! My friends and I had a huge blast! They all thanked me in the end for sharing this type of event with them! This is a high-end classy top-notch experience, you will be waited on. Note that you will have to tip at the end OR if you're purchasing drinks at the bar. This type of event or style of watching a baseball game is NOT FOR EVERYONE. It was our first time and boy oh boy, if you want to be spoiled, then this is the way to go! So initially, we were all a bit hesitant about paying so much for this type of event, especially for a ballgame. The cost of a general Yankees ticket is already expensive enough compared to many other ballparks. Parking is at a skyrocketed $35 (went up from a year ago) and since it is in the Bronx,it will take some time to travel including getting stuck in traffic. (unless subway riders do not mind the crowded trains.) But when I went ahead and did some research and asked around others about this type of lounge, it seemed very positive that you are getting what you pay for. Indeed, it turned out to exceed our expectations. There is a special “VIP” elevator in which a personnel is always inside, who took us to our level. We were escorted, given a wristband, and seated in front of a huge glass panel, with a view from the outfield but you are literally indoors. The view was excellent even in the outfield surprisingly, so it was awesome! Now, the audi seats is also in an exclusive section, there will be others who may be in the same lounge BUT are not allowed to take those audi seats. To get into lounge, is like a velvet rope-type of ordeal. To get to the front row seats, there is always a guard looking out for a wristband. Then to get into the “legends”, Budweiser Hall of Fame area, there is yet another required wristband check point. Note: the audi seats do not include admissions to the Hall of Fame, that is a separate type of ticket. The Hall of Fame section is an OUTSIDE area similar to the seats of the audi lounge but without the glass panel (you get to experience and hear the heckles from the bleacher audience.) Dress code is casual, you can wear your Yankees gear but I will not suggest looking like a bum. If so, you will feel a bit out of place, not because they enforce a strict dress code but it is after all, the overall ‘feel’ of the place that you are in. The décor is BEAUTIFUL! The entire dining spot was extravagant and our vases were filled with beautiful fresh orchids, totally love it! Of course, the BEST part is the never-ending food buffet. Stations of food food food are at your disposal. You are treated like VIPs because the wait staff is there to serve you for drinks. The best station is the endless lobsters and steak. Talk about gourmet! There was a huge salad station, cheese area, sushi station, lobster galore, steak and many sides, and even FOIE GRAS!!!!! At the back, there is a station for hotdogs, cracker jacks, popcorn, etc. (I guess to retain the ballgame characteristic.) Then the best part is the dessert, with exquisite pastries made by very well-trained pastry chefs (you can tell). There is also a sorbet/ice cream station with different flavors. We all made the best of it throughout nine innings! We continuously ate, watched the game, and enjoyed ourselves. The bathrooms were amazing, always under supervision, with the highest level of cleanliness. The renovation is wonderful, as I noticed the backsplash and detailing of the interior design. The staff in general, were all courteous and you can tell they are all experienced in customer service (a trait that I find VERY IMPORTANT and ESSENTIAL in all aspects of any business or place you go to.) One thing about the bar is that the drinks were a bit pricey so we stuck mainly to sodas/teas because it was included in our tickets. Of course, it is difficult to not have beer at a game, you know!  Just be prepared with gratuities or additional cash to spend, if you want any drinks or sourvenirs. I mean, if you’re into the whole drinking then, the couple in front of us ordered V.S.O.P. , so that was pretty neat. The Saturday day game was spectacular as you can hear the commentators (a huge plus since that is not available for the outside game). The day was beautiful so everything turned out wonderful – we could not have asked for anything more. After the game, we all kept talking about how much fun it was and when recapping to our other friends who couldn’t make it, they all expressed their jealousy! Prior to the start of the game, one of us caught a foul ball during batting practice so we certainly made it WELL WORTH our trip! It was fun because were on the same level as the players and we were able to communicate with them and cheering for them – all having a great time! Just to reiterate, this type of atmosphere and ambience is not really for everyone. There are many others who rather be outside, chowing down on a philly cheese steak for the love of the game! Therefore, I want to recommend to others that if you are really not into Four Seasons, Russian Tea Room or a drink at the Hotel on Rivington, then this isn’t really for you. Some may find it superficial so I really want to tell it like how it is. Overall, it was a lot of fun with soooo much to offer!

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