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Saturday April 2, 2011 / 10:30pm (Headliner Rodney Perry with D.L Monroe)
Live Comedy at Jokes & Notes
6 tickets
General Admission

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The only reason I did not attend this event is because when we arrived at 1045PM (show started at 1030PM. Mind you we were looking for a parking space and the place had a huge crowd out front and a long line). So we ere confident that the show had not started, Once we get to the door they owner/common face I’ve seen there before yells out “we’re sold out!” I say but we have tickets already…. They start to look baffled & tell us to hold on/ then some white guy (named John) shows up looking at his watch stating we are late!!! I was like hello…there was a line outside & we were looking for parking. He then goes on to tell me how he usually does not deal with Gold Star and he is not sure what he can do. After about 5-7 minutes of going back and forth they say we can seat all six of you but not in the same spot…they said they have two seats here…one there and one over this way! My party did not want to separated (that would defeat the purpose of all us coming out as a group). He gave us tickets to come back whenever we wanted but he did not seem sorry. I was disappointed that they did not hold our seats. It’s like the place was being greedy and was trying to squeeze as many people in as possible and did not care that $81.00 had already been spent. It was very disappointing to say the least. My brother who recently moved to Chicago had his girlfriend from out of town here for the weekend and I just got a promotion. We were all ready to celebrate and have a good time and then this happens. 8-( What a bummer. This would have been my 3rd time visiting the place … OAN: The drinks are awful. The first two are very tiny and then the third one is dramatically bigger and stronger! Boo JOKES & NOTES for now. I will go back...I mean heck I have six tickets to use…but after that I think I will skip it! Sincerely Disappointed!