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Vice Palace: The Last Cockettes Musical

Friday May 6, 2011 / 8:00pm
Hypnodrome - San Francisco, CA
2 ticketsGeneral Admission
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I'm a devotee of Thrillpeddlers as an adventuresome, courageous and compelling theater ensemble group who produce amazing things like Vice Palace and the VERY long running Pearl's Over Shanghai which was the hit that brought so much attention to their mission and work. Some of the super strong production values Thrillpeddlers bring to their audiences are brilliant costuming, make up, sets, direction and acting. Throw in a load of madcap fun and you've got almost every ingredient for smash hits with each show. Russell Blackwood is the director of most of their work, and usually performs as well. He's also a compelling human being who brings boundless enthusiasm to the production, cast and audience and which has contributed mightily to the ensemble's success. Music and story in the original and this revival are the work of Scrumbly Koldewyn who was a member of the Cockettes and a working musician since those wild and wooly days. The cast is equally brilliant, headed by the fabulous Leigh Crow, Flynn de Marco, Eric Tyson Wertz, director Russell Blackwood, Scrumbly and excellent performances by all 17 in the cast with notice to L. Ron Hubby, Birdie-Bob Watt and Ste Fishell. Vice Palace was written after the Cockettes disbanded because the director of The Palace needed a Halloween Show and while Devine and Mink Stole were available, Martin Workman and Scrumbly created this work that lives on 40 years later thanks to Thrillpeddlers. This is a fun night of vibrant entertainment, and worth every penny they charge.
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Think of John Waters, Trannyshack, The Cockettes and Midnight Mass.
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Beer, wine, coffee and soda, dirt cheap or just tip generously.
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Very serious, the one john is kind of behind the stage.
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Easy and close