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Wednesday August 10, 2011 / 7:05pm (Pre-Game Picnic from 5:05pm to 6:35pm - vs. Los Angeles Angels: New York Yankees Cap Night)
New York Yankees Turkey Hill Picnic Package
2 tickets
Field Level Sections 134-136 + Pre-Game Picnic

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hey yankee fans..this was the second time we did the turkey hill thing and once again it was a OK/pretty good deal. On a ten, 7..This time around there were quite a few more people at the "picnic", most of them seemed to be Goldstar members..there was a group in front of us, 2 rows..as opposed to the last time around they seem to have more of a system now..but in the end there was the problem of seating. As in not enough. A lot of folks were left to sitting on steps leading to the second level, which was roped off at the top. Food- the same, franks, sliders, chicken fahitas, soda, and naturally, ice cream. This time they had a beer kiosk..stadium prices, 9.50 for a bottle of bud lite. The seats are in the left outfield and are OK..my wife and i have been all over the stadium and it seems the further we get from home plate the more passionate the fans. The last game (v.Boston) was great. High end seats seem to get the Corporate Poser types that don't know/couldn't care less about the game. But that's the way it is I guess. Welcome to the NYY school of business. Anyway- Canoe hit a two run homer in the 7th which landed in the seat right in front of us. Which I missed, much to my wife's distain lol..I'm getting a little old to be shagging flies in a crowd..but all in all a good outing. They won. Hints..day game? bring sunglasses, the sun will be in your face. Get to the picnic early if you want a seat, or wish to avoid a bit of a crowd later on. It's not for everybody, but for us it beats paying stupid prices during the game. Bad enough the seat prices alone..which really bothers me if anything just on principal. But it works, they keep filling that place up.. So..especially if you are bringing kids..fill them up at the picnic in hopes you don't get hammered too badly during the game. This I'm pretty sure is our last for this season. We may try the Audi club..but only attraction there is the food..much like the Mohegan, you are REALLY removed from the game there.

Help others enjoy a great night out

Bring a little am walkman. Helps with the play by play
The food is OK for the price.
Due to the ridiculous parking fees, it's tough getting home. The trains are PACKED