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Thursday June 9, 2011 / 7:05pm (Pre-Game Picnic from 5:05pm to 6:35pm)
Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees: Turkey Hill Picnic Package
2 tickets
Field Level (Sections 134-135)

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This was the first time I tried the turkey hill promotion, and was very curious just how it would be. This promotion is usually purchased by a group, and I'm assuming the Goldstar offerings are the extra tickets available. There's good and bad, but to be honest I was expecting a little more. The "picnic area" is a small roped in space just to the right of Gate 2 as you enter the stadium. YOu enter Gate 2, you get a wristband, and you are in. The venue has a small(maybe 15 foot) steam table/grill, a fountain for sodas and small freezer for ice cream, another for bottled water. That's it. There are several tables that look they could accomodate about 50-60 people total or so, and only that many due to NYFD regs..they could fit a few more in there it seems, but were not permitted..this according to the servers. The food was there to eat but like advertised was resticted to hot dogs/burgers, canned baked beans(yuk) and chicken fajitas, which of the four wasn't that bad. Now here's the catch: we were there 6/9/11, NY vs. Boston..surprisingly there were very few people at the turkey hill promotion. Maybe 30. I don't know if there even was a group, these folks might have all been Goldstar users. The few we spoke to all were. So, there was plenty of room. But we were told that, depending on the group that buys this promotion, there could be upwards of a couple of hundred people trying to get food, much less find a table to eat. We were advised that folks need to sit wherever they can at that point, on the stairs etc..and the serving line is way too small to accomodate that many..one server recounted a recent little league promotion consisting of that many kids,and admitted it was nothing short of insane trying to feed that many people. It started at 5 and ended about 6:45. There was a rain delay of some 3 1/2 hours, and while we stuck around there at our table, others didn't, and the area quickly filled with fans waiting out the storm. I mean really filled, standing room only; I could see that with that many people vying for something to eat it could be a real hassle. A plus: Section 135 is an ok spot to see the game, provided it's a night game. Days you will fry out there, the sun is in your face. We had 2 seats 3 rows in. There doesn't seem to be any way to find out your seat assignment, but I would think if its a large group that day and assuming they get priority you will be somewhere further up. I give it 3 stars. The food was OK..even though the burgers looked like they had been there since opening day..the dogs were OK, and as I said the fajitas were pretty good. You can eat all you want. I'm doing this again in July I think it is, NY vs the angels..and I really hope there's not a big group that day. If so it'll be a whole different story, I see maybe a one star..the place is really too small for more than say 75 people or so. And the food is eh, so-so.. So..don't expect the Audi club lolol. But as opposed to spending stupid money at the concessions, it's OK. Go for the fajitas..stay clear of the beans.

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