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Lafaux 061211
Friday July 1, 2011 / 10:15pm
Le Faux
2 tickets
Host-Escorted Seating

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Julia's, itself, is a wonderful place -- excellent food, excellent service, lovely decor. I would have given the restaurant alone 4 or 5 stars. However, the celebrity impersonation drag show was awful. The impersonations, themselves, ranged from just plain bad to mediocre, with the back-up groups exhibiting the major talent, But the show still might have been fun, worthy of maybe 3 stars, were it not for the MC. He/she was big and loud and in-your-face. She tried too hard to be outrageous and flamboyant and ended up just being unpleasant, lewd, and vulgar. He/she used the so-called "F-word" in nearly every sentence, and often mid-word. How witty is that? She asked audience members about their sexual orientation, favorite sexual positions and far worse. She went on-and-on, trying way too hard to get snickers, and if the audience wasn't mostly drunk already, I don't think she would have gotten many of those, if at all -- more like cringes. Her intro was too long and tedious, so that my party nearly left before the real show began, out of disgust. The venue, itself, was also unsuited for the show. The chairs were set up in tight rows and aligned directly behind each other so that visibility was low. I had to lean back and forth sideways to try to catch glimpses, but finally stopped trying because my back was starting to hurt and the show wasn't worth it. The sound system was also bad. I know that the songs played were the original songs done by the original artists, but the sound system was so bad that the voices were unrecognizable. The show is rated as suitable for all ages, but this is absolutely not true and misleads one into thinking there might be some tasteful content. There was a five-or-six year old girl in the audience, which was appalling. I am not a prude and have immensely enjoyed other drag shows, but I didn't find this show enjoyable or suitable for ANY age person with a modicum of intellect or culture.

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Casual is fine, semi-dressy is fine.
No problem finding street parking.
Seats bad everywhere.
VIP probably best view, but good and bad seats in both areas.