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Jewel flier 062711
Monday July 4, 2011 / 6:30pm (Boarding begins at 6:00pm)
Independence Day Fireworks Cruise Aboard The Jewel Yacht
2 tickets
General Admission

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Let’s start with the good: The DJ was EXCELLENT! The Security Staff was great – they did a good job at diffusing the three separate incidents (unruly customers) that occurred. Those guys (customers) were pretty big Cats it can’t be easy. The food was good (although they did run out so I am sure several folks are complaining (rightly so). There was an announcement 1 ticket per meal (kind of after the fact) however there was no one collecting tickets so there was possibly some double dipping before everyone was fed but still no excuse to run out of food!. Based on the amount of drunks I would say the 3.5 hour Open Bar was a success. My hubby and I only drink soda so it was wasted on us, however it was good to get as many soda’s as we wanted. The sideways placement of the Yacht was great (you didn’t have to be in the overcrowded bow of the ship to enjoy the show. The Could Be Better: The distance for viewing the fireworks was TOO FAR! The idea of watching fireworks from the water is to be up close and personal. I was disappointed truly. I have great Pictures but that is because I used my ZOOM lens. The Ladies room (3 stalls), one backed up rendering it unusable. Water poured from the under the sink cover when the boat tipped with the waves. The upstairs Bar only served beer and possibly soda so it made for long lines at the downstairs bar. Which was cash bar until we set sail (found that out when I arrived at the bar with only a tip in hand after 15 min wait in line. The music was not always on- on the upper level (if you were directed to the upper level upon arrival as I was – you would not have known that there was a kicking DJ playing downstairs. Not sure when the upstairs music came on because I went up only in time for the fireworks, however it went off about 45 minutes before we docked so back downstairs for the rest of the party. BAD Upon purchase we were not made aware that we would NOT be allowed to SIT at the tables (WHICH WERE ALL RESERVED FOR VIP) WTH!! Thank goodness there were about 12 seats placed downstairs for the NON VIP but did not have tables so we ate on our LAPS! THERE WERE NOT ENOUGH CHAIRS UPSTAIRS! IT WAS RIDICULOUS to think that we should stand for 5 hours on a boat - some folks took chairs upstairs which would have been ok until folks started taking chairs from the VIP TABLES (once the complaint was made the security went upstairs and took all of the chairs back and brought them downstairs (even though 8 to 10 chairs went unused for the rest of the night. The Seats in the front of the boat wicker loveseats and oversized chairs and large cocktail glass top tables took up waaay too much space which could have been used for more people to enjoy the area. The Dessert cookies and coffee was YUCK! … the coffee was good ☺ I don’t think I would cruise the Jewel again but would try one of the other boats that would put me closer to the FUN of the FIREWORKS.

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Except high heels.. those ladies looked so silly in those 4in on a rocking boat.
The food was good not excellent

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