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Womenarecrazy 060911
Saturday July 2, 2011 / 8:30pm
Women Are Crazy Because Men Are Assholes
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Main Floor

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I probably should have read more of the reviews before attending... (Note to self for future) but I got carried away by the title and thought - WOW! what a great concept.... If only the show had made me laugh as much as the title.... I found it to be raunchy (which is ok... as long as there is some substance as well - but there wasn't much for this play IMHO)... SPOILER ALERT: I also was bothered by the incestous nature of the play. The premise of the show is that there is a woman who is finally meeting her internet boyfriend for the first time. The sister of this woman, who is engaged to be married, cheats on her fiance with the internet boyfriend and ultimately ends up with him. The woman is very understanding (which is fine... she didn't click with the internet boyfriend) but her send-off speech seems surreal - "Go. He makes you happy..." Her sister's known this internet boyfriend for 20 minutes... and it's enough to warrant a dramatic speech like that? The woman also has sex with her best friend. It's not clear if she's a lesbian / just experimenting... but the play did have the tone of "Well... we just did it but we're NOT lesbians (are we?)" that I found vaguely insulting... Not to mention that the best friend was cheating on her boyfriend... but totally dismisses it (Oh it doesn't count - it wasn't a man). There were a few lines I laughed at... but overall - the best part of the evening was going out with my best friend and commiserating afterwards on how bad the show was...