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BATS Improv Comedy

Saturday August 6, 2011 / 8:00pm (The Lifegame - Summer Improv Festival)
Bayfront Theater (San Francisco, CA)
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James’s review

I usually love BATS, and have enjoyed their quick, clever, entertaining work many times. But this was uncharacteristically DULL. Some of their best performers were there, but we (including the actors) spent most of the time listening to two audience members being interviewed. Once in a while the actors would play out a small clip of the interviewee's life story. BORING. This only happened when the director told them to do so - the actors had no room for spontaneity. "Directed improv," they called it? BORING. OK, you get the picture. GREAT company, but choose the evening carefully. But the description of this was compelling, so I suppose it is best to stick with actual competitions, their strongest suit.