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Saturday August 6, 2011 / 7:30pm
Club Cafe - Boston, MA
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Overall, this show was entertaining. There were a couple of very funny parts, a couple of boring parts, and lots of predictability. The characters are mostly stereotypical with one or two exceptions. Even with the predictability, there were some laughs. Some people may be offended by parts of the show, but there is nothing farther than a good deal of sexual innuendo. Club Cafe is on Columbus Ave, right around the corner from the Back Bay T station. There is street parking, but the train station is a 2-minute walk away. We actually walked right past the venue without seeing the sign but figured it out. Once going into the venue, you enter a dining area and bar area. The show is held in the room in the back. It was a little confusing where to go to pick up tickets, since there was no will call desk. Instead, there was one person standing by a small table with a cash box. That was the only clue of where to go, since there are a bunch of people with nametags milling about (part of the show). When you check in, you are given a name tag (to write whatever name you choose) and a playbill. The actors are in character before the show and during intermission. You are told that it is your first day working at and that there is an employee meeting, and the show begins. The show is composed of a series of acts led by the various characters and includes audience participation. Don't worry if you don't like to participate because it is all optional. The show lasted about 2 hours, including a brief intermission. There is a bar in the room to purchase drinks before the show or during intermission. For the price of free plus a $9 Goldstar fee per ticket, this show was a good way to get out for the night. I would not recommend paying full price for a ticket unless you are very easily amused and/or have money to spend.
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Take the T to Back Bay and walk a couple of minutes