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Paul mooney
Saturday January 7, 2012 / 8:00pm
Paul Mooney's The Show
3 tickets
General Admission

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Paul Mooney ruined my Saturday night. Honestly, I had no idea how awful that show was going to be. Billed as a ‘smart, political’ comic with insights into race and class, all Mooney delivered were low-brow insults and misogynistic, rambling jibes aimed at celebrities, ‘retarded kids’ and crack addicts. There was nothing funny in the entire show, nothing smart or witty, and nothing of note except me and 40 other audience members squirming in our seats listening to his bullcrap. In fact, I’m afraid Goldstar and the Black Repertory Theater has to change the way they bill this one—as the only time he ‘touched’ on politics the whole show was when he commented on the presumed size of president Obama’s penis. Thank you, Paul Mooney. Brilliant sh**. Really, what I paid (thank god, only) $15 to hear. And seems the man’s delivery reflected the crap content of his ‘Show’ too. Mooney was at least 20 minutes late, dropping all the energy and excitement and foreshadowing the disappointment to come. He finally slouched onto stage with no explanation and no apology-- slumping into a chair where he sat in the same position for an hour and 30 minutes, painfully rambling into a low mike, drinking Red Bull (and fo’ sho vodka) from a can, making little to no connection or rapport with the audience and throwing out lame insult after insult with no script or plan, no energy and no attempt to hide the fact that he didn’t give a sh**. I was disappointed, disgusted and embarrassed for him and for the 5 people I had convinced to come to the show—honestly an hour and a half of our lives not only wasted, but incredibly painful. (Actually, I left after an hour to chat with the nice people in the theater—a much better show-) Sad, very sad, when a man who (apparently, though I sure as hell am not convinced) was as brilliant as this guy once was in the Pryor days has fallen this low-brow, uninspired and unoriginal. Good luck making money on that P.O.S. DVD Paul, you gonna need it. Side note: Despite Paul Mooney, I’ve decided I love the Black Repertory Theater, the staff and the friendly, charged energy in the lobby before a show. (not to mention the fried chicken dinners available before and during!). If even some of my money went to support the theater, it would make me feel better about paying for Paul Mooney. Definitely recommend supporting BRT!