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Bath House Tuesday

Friday March 16, 2012 / 8:00pm
Meta Theatre - Los Angeles, CA
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This is a great piece if you enjoy watching actors work. Everyone gets pretty much equal stage time. It's sort of several plays in one as it's very funny and even interesting in the beginning. The writer captured some of the things that make a bathhouse a bathhouse. Then it shifts into a rather intense examination of corrupt Politics with the laughs becoming more interspersed. There is also enough cuteness on stage to keep you occupied, even for the chubby chasers. There is also a hot woman (a real one) for anyone needing female eye candy. It is definitely a play versus the hysterical musical spoof of Golden Girls this group did before, but it has some wonderful moments and the company did come in close to their 70 minutes as promised.
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Bring your own towel if you want
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There was complimentary wine.
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Street Parking on Ogden and Melrose
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We went to Fubar after. A nice night out.