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It Is What It Is and The Watch Tower

Thursday April 19, 2012 / 8:00pm
Eddy St Theatreplex - The EXIT Theatre - San Francisco, CA
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2 very different plays, and each are very enjoyable. The 1st play is about a serious subject, but there's lots of humor injected, as well as pathos. The 2nd play is more fun, and more outrageous. Both plays capture the human condition in very believable ways, i.e., no stuffy writing or dialogue. In each play, you don't quite know where things are heading, so they're not predictable, especially the 2nd play. The acting is excellent, and all of the actors from the 1st play are in the 2nd play, but in very different roles, which shows the breadth of their acting abilities. The 2nd play has some additional actors, as well. All in all, a fun night out.
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They sell inexpensive drinks, plus free pretzels, both of which you can bring into the theatre.