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The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents

Sunday May 6, 2012 / 2:00pm
The Historic Mounds Theatre - Saint Paul, MN
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I love Terry Pratchett's writing and went to this play with high hopes. The script itself is great - full of Pratchett's wit and humor. The performance, however, was lackluster. The cast, like the rodents, were a ragtag group, and it was clear that some actors were far better than others. The actor playing Maurice moved as though he had never seen a cat in real life, the rodents were inconsistent in their movements: some walked like people, others skittered. I'd like to have seen more attention paid to the physicality of the characters. Also, because there was no set other than backdrop projections, the actors needed to create their world. They did not. For example, when a group walked into a place that reeked, nobody reacted as though they were surrounded by stench. Often, some of the actors appeared to be uncertain as to where they were and why they were there. This 3 hour play would have benefited from some faster pacing between and within some of the scenes.
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Beer, wine, soft drinks, banged grains & candy are available & may be brought into the theater
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Plenty of free on-street parking near the theater
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The theater itself is pretty sweet. Take some time to explore it and check out the memorabilia.