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Friday April 27, 2012 / 7:10pm (vs. Washington Nationals)
Los Angeles Dodgers: Friday Night Fireworks
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We went to the Friday night Nats game, our second in two weeks. Both games were ruined by incredibly loud, obnoxious, insufferable, yacking jerks literally shouting into the backs of our heads in the seats behind. These were NOT nice-guy baseball fans just getting into the game and having a good time. They were loud, had no concern whatsoever for the people around them, and liked to hear themselves talk. They were essentially "broadcasting." The guy last night, perhaps mid-50's, was constantly talking loudly to his old father and teenaged daughter, and almost every comment he made was punctuated with a big belly laugh. I mean, it was, "He almost missed that HAHAHAHAHAHAHA." I would not have been surprised if he'd said, "I have to go the bathroom HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" At least he talked some about baseball, but when he actually began to literally drown out the stadium public address announcer---yes, really---my wife turned around and calmly told him how loud he was, and that we couldn't hear the P.A.. Get this: this guy said, snidely, "I didn't think it was IMPORTANT!" Seriously. Like a little kid! A man in his mid-50's! Yes, HE was deciding what was important for us to hear, apparently. I turned around. I did not want confrontation. I just wanted to enjoy a baseball game. I said, "That was a sarcastic remark, and it's uncalled for." His little teenaged daughter was actually laughing at me. I just glared at him until he said, in an obvious effort to get me to go away, "I APOLOGIZE." Wait, there's more. This guy had been talking about Northern Ireland for some reason (bragging to his daughter about how he wrote letters to senators about it---what this had to do with baseball, I don't know), and when I turned around to watch the game again, he said to the back of my head, "Well, so much for peace in Northern Ireland!" Oh, how clever. I turned back, and said, "That was another sarcastic remark." The jerk said, "I was talking about Northern Ireland!" Right. Still, I did not want unpleasantness. I said, "Look, where you're sitting, your positioned so that you are shouting right into the backs of our heads. I've enjoyed hearing your baseball discussion, and getting the correct names of all the retired numbers in center field. But we can't hear." In fact, we were forced to be a part of HIS conversation, his "evening at the game." He began saying, again, in a just-shut-the-crazy-man-up fashion, "I APOLOGIZE. I APOLOGIZE." I said, "Okay, Have a good time." But the evening was wrecked, because we had to sit near them from then on. And as you have already guessed, the jerk just kept talking. He lowered the volume slightly for about five minutes, but that was it. And as soon as there was the slightest action in the game, he made a special point of screaming his head off, or roaring dumb things like, "LOOKED GOOD FROM UP HERE, BLUE!" And his daughter made a point of clapping as loudly as she could right behind my head, over and over. Every time there was a clapping cheerleading pattern, they both really slapped their hands together as loud as possible, right at our heads. Just unbelievable. I should have gone to the ushers, but I really didn't want any more trouble. After four innings of this torture, we got up and moved elsewhere. Just as we had to do the previous week, when an even louder jerk about the same age carried on a monologue about everything except the game in a voice loud as an elephant seal. Politics, finance, employment---he just bellowed on and on. Anyone within a radius of 40 feet could have heard every word, clearly. Anyhow, after we moved to new seats at the Nats game, there were about five or six guys who'd had a couple of beers and were really enjoying the game, shouting at the players every now and then and laughing it up. They were a total pleasure to be around, especially contrasted to the gum-flapping sarcastic jerk and his snotty daughter.

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