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Beat the Drum; Dance and Sing!

Sunday May 20, 2012 / 4:00pm
St. Mark's Lutheran Church - San Francisco, CA
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The singing was sublime, but both my companion and I were highly distracted by the appearance of the singers, who were wearing a variety of different styles of dress with sharply varying levels of formality--one of them had cris-crossed sandals that would have looked perfect with shorts, another had her hair totally disheveled and a seventies-era hippy-style dress, another one was dressed perfectly for a day answering phones in an office, and a few of them had very large, loud, plastic jewelry of different colors. In short, I think for this group to be a truly class act, they need to dress the part: gowns with the hemline below the knee, nylons, and either all flats or all high-heeled shoes. I expect they were attempting to "express their individuality" through their clothes, but the result was an utterly rag-tag appearance unbecoming a performance group of their caliber. P.S. In the publicity shot accompanying this Goldstar listing, their appearance seems more harmonious, and they have only turquoise accessories rather than the off-putting oranges, greens, blues and reds the singers were wearing yesterday. P.P.S. I never did understand why the performance was subtitled "Dance and Sing" since it featured no choreographed numbers. In addition, the program was filled with quotes from the singers referencing their history of dance classes, which I found perplexing. My suggestion is that they think of a new name for this show and re-edit the program.
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Good parking on Franklin Street.
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Very nice complimentary refreshments served.