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Thursday April 26, 2012 / 10:00pm (David Pack with Mindi Abair)
Yoshi's San Francisco
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SHOW WAS GREAT BUT FOODSERVER WAS HORRENDOUS!!! Mr. Kaz Kajimura Owner - Yoshi's SFO Re: Food Server - #3016 Megan W - 4/26/12 10:22p As long time fans of both your clubs and what you bring to the music fans of the Bay Area - we were traumatized by our horrible food server experience on the evening of 4/26 that killed our Date Night out. I am writing you first, as a courtesy, before posting to Google Offers, Goldstar and YELP Never have I encountered such a person who just didnt care about her customers and/or what customer service is suppose to mean. From the beginning Megan's disdain for people presenting Google Offers coupon was very evident - as she left us in the dark and unsure if our coupon would be accepted stating,"I dont know if it is valid for tonight" "you have to present the printed coupon" both wrong statements that held us up from placing our full food orders. To get answers, it required that I had to leave my seat and go speak to the Manager (Brook Weisner) He scanned my smartphone, apologized and assured me "No Problem". Then later during show, we asked to order more sushi - Megan tells us "The kitchen is closed". When I had told her from the get go that I was going to be ordering more food items. But instead she chose to not advise us prior, that the kitchen would close soon. We were both very upset by this, the coupon very clearly states to be used at one visit or its unused value is lost - so once again - I left my seat during the show to speak to the manager. Mgr Brook, once again, attended to us and apologized. At this point she ethically crossed the line - We were presented with the bill and paid $20 in cash for the overage of $9.65. Many minutes passed and everyone else received their return closeout statements and receipts. NOT US! - We asked another server for our change back. Megan finally comes back - practically tossed on the table, the shorted change amount of $10 in singles (for tip of course) but didnt return our receipt - DONT CUSTOMERS DETERMINE THE AMOUNT OF TIP LEFT FOR FOOD SERVERS??? - INCREDIBLE!!!. As we left the show floor, I asked another server for a printout of our table #20 receipt - Shortly thereafter, Megan stormingly appears from the kitchen doors - with an attitude - practically yelling in the entryway in front of customers "SIR! SIR! HERE'S YOUR RECEIPT! Holding it out to me - I was shocked at her sarcastic, condescending tone and behavior - UNBELIEVABLE!!! We walked out to the bar area and asked another door person to speak to the Mgr - AGAIN!. As we waited patiently, Megan appears from behind the bar curtain - And in her last feeble attempt to intimidate us and drive the final dagger in, from across the room she yells "IS EVERYTHING ALRIGHT???" As if SHE didnt know - we looked at her stupified and dumbfounded - as if to say - IS THIS GIRL FOR REAL - SERIOUSLY??? We advised Mgr Brook Weisner, again, of what transpired with the food server Megan - her lack of customer service skills and how it ruined our Date Night Out. We drove all the way in from Concord - on a work night - for a 10pm show and paid for a baby sitter - and in return we get this for our efforts??? A prompt response to our email is greatly appreciated. E, Thank you for your email and all of the insight to your Yoshi's experience the other night. I am sorry that you had to leave your seat and had to talk to me through out the night. At Yoshi's we try to do the best job we can do every day. I have personal talked to Megan about her service style and also informed her the proper way to handle the Google offers. Again I want to offer you and a guest to come to a show on Yoshi's in the future. Please feel free to call me so I can arrange you to be put on our guest list. Brook Weisner Manager of Club & Beverage Operations Yoshis Restaurant & World Class Jazz Club Result: I took the club mgr's offer for a free show and went back to see a performance. Unbeknownst to us, we were seated in foodserver Megan's section - AGAIN! She arrived at our table with an unrecognized look, with eyeglasses on this time, then she realized it was us again and took off. Seating Mgr came over and informed us she was told she couldnt serve us and we'd have to move seats for the show. I said, the foodserver should accomodate us - not the other way around - anyhow - we moved and got another foodserver who was much, much better. Show was great however, in the end they still made out - because we spent more money in their club that night than the time prior. LESSON FOR YOU ALL - DONT SETTLE FOR LESS - YOU WORK HARD FOR YOUR MONEY AND YOUR TIME IS MONEY - DONT LET SOMEONE ELSE WASTE IT FOR YOU.

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