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Richard III

Friday June 22, 2012 / 8:00pm
Lowell Davies Festival Theatre - San Diego, CA
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I hesitated hemmed and hawed. Fond as I am of Shakespeare I had grown tired of his comic book play, Richie III, where the oh so arch villain rubs his palms in glee as he snickers and smirks at the disaster he wroughts. This is not the thoughtful soul searching of Hamlet, the self ruin of Lear or even the education of Henry V...this is old school medieval morality turned on its head, almost puppet worthy in its archness. But oh that Richard, he still manages to pull us against our will ....... I went and found for the most part that it was very good indeed. The best is the well done Richard III not worrying about the color of roses or destiny of England he is transported to some vague mid-century time in a sort of motorcycle leather outfit contorting and smiling with the pure joy of how meaningless and fun playing with life and the dunces who occupy power can be. Dick Cheney would approve. It is this pleasure with the game that moves the play along and for me the logic of it has always been there, that RIII was always more camp than history even in SS's original concept. There is still the paint by numbers aspect, the simple cardboard adversaries, and that ever annoying Margaret who was every bit Richard's equal in evil with none of his humor presented in this play as a crone Cassandra. But timing, special effects, excellent subtle sound amplification and that daft demon win out. And the Old Globe crew are real pros. This is no SS in the Park assembly. Worth seeing even if you know how it all goes.
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Bring two sweaters, one for after intermission.
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Can bring drinks into theater.
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The seating is new padded I have ever seen outside.
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Brew your own thermos of a favorite hot drink and sip thoughout.