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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Plus Picnic

Saturday July 7, 2012 / 10:30am-8:00pm
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - Vallejo, CA
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This event was on a Saturday in the Summer so the park was very busy. Parking (even preferred parking) is not close to the park so don't plan to go out to your car during the day as it's too far away to be convenient. The layout of the park is convaluted and confusing. You have to walk all the way across the park to get from one roller coaster to the other one. I think this is done purposefully to make you walk by concessions and games, etc. to try to get you to buy merchandise. I paid $130 extra for the Flash Pass to not have to wait in line and they give you a beeper type device that you have to lug around the park all day and "book" the rides before you get on them. It's too cumbersome and too much work. They only let you book the Superman ride once a day with this extra feature. Overall, the rollercoasters are better than Great America's but the experience was not as good because of the park layout and burecratic processes at this park.
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Try to avoid having to go to Guest Services, the lines are horrible.
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Wear comfortable walking shoes as theres a ton of walking in the park.