Ari Bunzol’s Event Journal

5 tickets
Lower Bowl Sections 108-110

How was your experience?

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If you are into getting ripped off royally then this event is for you. My god what a horrible waste of money and time this thing was. The rip off starts from arriving at the arena and dishing out $25 for parking. On your walk to the event, there are demonstrators holding up graphic signs of torture and beating of the animals by Ringling which puts everyone in a joyous mood upon arrival - NOT. Once you enter the arena, the rip off goes into high gear by offering crappy toys -- the kind with flashing lights that you see during holidays at Target for $5 -- being sold at $25 and above. Ice Cones are $11 and above. Redhook beer is apparently an Import and sold for $12! Bottled water is $6.50 (and of course they do not let you bring in your own water). There is even a program book (it is true) for $15. And then you walk to your seats which at the Oakland Arena are so tightly packed that you better hope that your children will not have to use the bathroom at all during the performance, because you will be making a bunch of people in your row very angry (we did). Finally the show itself is a bore fest. Those poor baby elephants doing their walk of shame did indeed look like they had been tortured and beaten to shreds just as the posters outside suggested. In the old days when the circus came in a tent, you were a lot closer to the action. In this arena format, even though we had lower seats and were sitting as close as possible to the action, my kids could hardly follow anything and lost interest within the first 15 minutes. We could not even understand a word that was being said by the announcer. My dad fell asleep. And we finally ended up leaving at the intermission which was the best part of the night, because at least we missed the chaos of leaving the parking with everyone else. I just feel somewhat relieved that I did not pay full price for these tickets. I would not recommend this event to my enemies!