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City of Angels

Saturday September 22, 2012 / 8:15pm
Jean Henderson Performing Arts - Davis, CA
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First let me say that I saw this play when it first came out back in 1989 and absolutely loved it. So I was very excited to see that it was playing again even if only at a small venue. My first disappointment came when the play started and the “movie” actors were NOT in black and white. That is part of the whole allure of this play and what makes it unique is that it is in both black and white and color. Again this is a small venue and most of the actors were playing double roles. So I can understand why they were not done up in black and white makeup. A major disappointment but I can understand. My second disappointment came when the same actors in the very first scene opened their mouths and began …”singing”. They are supposed to be a quartet but none of them harmonized together. They just sounded very off key. When you are off key singing louder doesn’t make it better. I would cringe every time they came out to sing. But that seemed to be the mode of the evening since most of the actors sang off key. Oolie/Donna sang ok (at least on key) but her duet with Bobbi/Gabby did not harmonize well. Bobbie had one song (It needs work) where she sang on key, however, all of her other songs were off. Alaura sang well. Stine and Stone sang well and were the only ones who DID harmonize well together. And lastly this is the first play I have ever been to, even small venues, where almost every actor forgot their lines and made mistakes. The director Buddy/Irwin actually had to read his lines from his script pages. So all in all it was a huge disappointment. The only real redeeming quality was that I paid $10 for the tickets since I purchased them through Groupon. I would definitely recommend saving your money and going somewhere else. Because if this is the only version of this play you see then you will never want to see it again.
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Although we were dressy casual most people wore jeans and shorts. One
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One man took his shoes off during the intermission to rub his feet