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Sam eaton
Saturday October 13, 2012 / 5:00pm
The Quantum Eye
4 tickets
General Admission

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Starting from the beginning, Theater 80 is very cool. It has dark interesting features, an awesome Irish themed pub, and a very rich history. So walking in, I was pretty excited. The seating is great, with plenty of leg room for people up to about 6ft tall. (I'm 5'10, and was very comfortable) And since the theater is so small, there really isn't a bad seat to be had. Even the back row has a great view. (NOTE: general admission is on a first come, first serve basis... you can sit anywhere you want from row 3 and back. So I wouldn't spend the extra money on the VIP seating in rows 1 and 2. It's not worth it) Not to mention, Sam walks up and down the isles, and gets plenty of audience participation. But beware... He doesn't "ask" for volunteers. He picks people randomly to help with his tricks and to come up on stage. So if you get stage freight, or are nervous about being the center of attention, you may wanna rethink going to this show. Because odds are, you'll be the one he picks lol Sam's stage presence is very good. He walks around before the show even starts and talks to the people who are shuffling in and finding their seats. He even stays after the show for autographs and pictures in the lobby. So to say the least, he's very personable. He even incorporates humor into his show. And is actually pretty funny. But where it started to go down hill for me was when the many children who were in the audience started acting up. There were mostly adults in attendance, but still a few children scattered throughout. And they were all pretty noisy and distracting. So that was a major turn off for me. Also, while Sam seems like a great guy, his tricks are kind of cheesy. There were two or three that I found impressive. But all in all, the show seemed geared more towards children. And I wouldn't necessarily recommend a group of adults to go see it. But if you have kids, who are well behaved enough to sit through an hour and a half long show, then I'd say take them. The'll get a kick out of it.

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We took a cab from Penn. Traffic was horrible. took us half an hour to get there. Use the subway.