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The Skriker

Friday October 12, 2012 / 8:00pm
Red Tape Theatre at St. Peter's Episcopal Church - Chicago, IL
1 ticketGeneral Admission (Standing Event)
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Magical and haunting, this show is perfectly timed for the season, without being the typical horror slasher or ghost story one associates with an intentional Halloween show. Churchill's masterful combination of heightened text and common dialogue weaves a creepy tale where fantasies turn into nightmares, and become all too real. Brought to life by a talented cast and crew, it's definitely a memorable and worthwhile experience. All that said, I do question the decision to make the show "promenade." It becomes obvious as the show progresses that the traveling audience makes set changes possible that might not have been on a stationary set in a black-box style space. However, as an audience member, I was left wondering how that really benefits my experience. It was Friday night, I had worked all day, and I honestly didn't want to be on my feet for 90 minutes straight - mainly because I had missed the memo and wasn't expecting it. Having experienced other audience-traveling shows, I couldn't help but compare the use of that tactic, and I really feel that here it was unnecessary. There was not audience participation, the audience did not become part of the scene, etc. - it was simply practical. But, while I would have preferred to sit comfortable and selfishly soak in the hard work unfolding before me, I still thought that work - equally as skillful as it was undoubtedly exhausting - was worth the effort. Overall something I would highly recommend, and a strong success for the whole Red Tape group.
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