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Season Opener Event Hosted by Miami Heat's Mario Chalmers and Teammates

Sunday November 18, 2012 / 7:00pm
Hilton Miami Downtown (Miami, FL)
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The event was greatly unorganized. Nothing what we expected AT ALL. What is written down on the ticket is nothing what it was in reality. The ticket said there would be seats; we had to stand up for three hours in a packed zoo-like environment waiting for a brief appearance by the "host". The ticket says to be there one hour prior to the event time, you end up standing around for three plus hours with nothing.It was basically a stampede of people with poor quality of food,drinks, and entertainment.The host walked in through the crowd unexpected creating chaos in the ballroom with people violently pushing one another
Extra Tips
Who would park on the street in that neighborhood
Extra Tips
Bring flat shoes and a chair
Extra Tips
Bring decent brands of beverages
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Cocktail attire does not mean classy people will show up
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Food was soggy and cold
Extra Tips
DJ kept announcing the host's arrival over a period of three hours
Extra Tips
Better entrance by host for his own security and our safety
Extra Tips
No water