Janet Nelson-Alvarez’s Event Journal

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Saturday December 15, 2012 / 7:30pm
The Nutcracker
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Main Orchestra/Main Loge

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I share the opinion of several other people who have posted: this production suffered from sub-par dancing. I'm really sorry to say that, but it's true, although there may be reasons for it other than that the dancers themselves were not up to snuff. I liked the orchestra very much, although I was seated in row 19 and so really could not see them. (which would have added to my enjoyment) Live orchestra is an absolute for my Nutcracker enjoyment and this orchestra was really very nice. I won't say anything more about the dancing, but rather would like to say that a pro event is not one in which you should feature community dancers who are not ready for the challenge. No matter how cute you think they are. To the audience: PLEASE, before you attend a ballet, or an event that features classical music, PLEASE take a moment to read up on what constitutes good manners during the performance. Here is a link to etiquette for ballet performances: http://www.attendballet.com/general-tips-on-attending-ballet/easily-polish-your-ballet-etiquette/ In particular, Saturday evening's audience should pay attention to the section on applause: 1. At the ballet, the audience applauds when the conductor makes an entrance and takes the podium. 2.Applaud also after solos and pas de deux. 3.Applause is also appreciated after each ballet is completed. Clapping during an entire piece is not appropriate, nor is yelling "woooooo-hoooooooo" at any point. I'm embarrassed by you, audience. Next year, I'll stay home and watch the dvd. And I'm sure you'll all appreciate that. I know *I* will. Audience: your behavior and lack of knowledge about what you should expect from this performance ensures that it will continue to be sub-par. Don't do this to yourselves and the performers. Urge them to be the best they can be by being knowledgeable and courteous.