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NYE Party at the Copacabana

Monday December 31, 2012 / 9:00pm
Copacabana Cabana Bar & Rooftop - New York, NY
2 ticketsStanding Room Only
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I bought tickets to this event for my friend and I. My friend was visiting from California and this was the first NYE in the city for both of us. I was under the understanding that having bought tickets we could just show up be checked in, get wristbands and head in the club. We showed up at 10,and there was a line down the block of ticket holders waiting to get in. This was frustrating and infuriating for all of us in line who thought the same thing, that we would just be able to go in with a ticket. After waiting nearly 45 minutes in line my friend and I were finally let in, and greeted with another line for the coat check. After waiting about 10 mins in that line we finally went into the main room, and were confronted again with super long drink lines. The free drink period was 9-1 and we were already past 11pm at this point. We ventured down and asked about the lower level since the event was advertised as 3 levels of dancing, and we were told the lower level wouldn't open until after 12. So we drag ourselves back to the bar, and wait about 25 minutes in line for a drink. The female bartender ignored me for about 10 minutes only approaching the male clients next to me. The guy next to me ordered 5 drinks, so when the bartender finally approached me I asked for 4 and she said no I could only get one per person..she was super rude. We got our vodka cranberry, and they were 95% cranberry which was super disappointing. After waiting in line for our drinks, we got right back in line with another bartender, who gave us 2 drinks each, and they were strong. I started to notice at this point that all the drunk people were spilling drinks on the floor and throwing cups down, and the floor became super slick and almost like walking on ice! extremely dangerous! guys and girls left and right were hitting the floor. It was very difficult to get around. The event also advertised having food and appetizers throughout the 3 floors. By the time my friend and I got into the venue there were 3 plates of food on this table in the middle of the dance-floor with a few grapes half-eaten cheese, and napkins on them. No food anywhere! good thing we ate a slice before going in! I also read that party favors and champagne would be passed out for the toast...well we got party favors around 1am, and there was no champagne in sight! The night ended up being ok after a few drinks, but definitely not worth the money I paid! This was a scam, and I can't imagine anyone paying the over 100 dollar price it supposedly originally cost to get in! I was embarrassed and sad for my friend who was visiting, me and I feel like we should have just gone into Times Square and froze with everyone else! BTW the lower level finally opened at about 1am and by that time the drinks were paid.
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There was a variety of dress, from casual to uber fancy
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I took the train to 50th and it was easy to walk down 3 blocks from there
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There was no food, and the drinks were weak mostly cranberry in my Vodka cran.