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Side Effects May Include …

Friday January 25, 2013 / 8:00pm
Greenhouse Theater Center - Chicago, IL
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When I first read about this show, I knew that it was resonate so much with the situation that I am currently going through with my husband. Being diagnosed with a menopause at an early age, the story behind of Side Effects touches on a lot of things that my family is currently going through: medication, hiding it from friends and the change of sexual drive. My husband and I walked out of there with a better sense that things will not only get better for us but for the writers of this show. Yes... it's something that most of us wouldn't think of laughing at but sometimes in the worse of times, you have to find humor in order to feel normal. Loved it and recommend it to anyone that thinks that the world is shattering around them... to give them hope that things will get better, especially with a little laughter.
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