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Saturday February 2, 2013 / 2:00pm
4000 Miles
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"4000 Miles" felt more like a solitary vignette, and less a moving play that reveals the layers of the two leads and their relationship that unfolds over several weeks. The grandma Vera really made the entire play! Best lines, and a great portrayal by the actress playing the grandma. The other lead playing the grandson Leo was fine, but his lines, and perhaps the slacker-generation characterization, lends itself to inspring little empathy for Leo. The supposed climactic scene of his, in which he reveals the tragic event that's ended up with him landing at Vera's place, falls flat, in my opinion, and in some respects it's the dialogue and characterization. How Leo comes full circle happens in too pat and tidy a fashion at the end...but to us, it was truly about how great Vera is. Leo's unabashedly rude (foul language directed toward his mother and grandmother) and self-centered behavior also doesn't make him worth rooting for, in our opinions. The two supporting actresses/roles provide some variety, and they're fine, but mostly window dressing. One provides some fun comic relief. Still, it was very enjoyable for an A.C.T. production (a surprise to us, given that the last few seasons we haven't enjoyed that many), although this was not a play that made us think or ponder about anything, especially what the playwright seems to suggest as one of her tropes in the program's interview with her: the human norms that run through all generations of folk.

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